What We Do

Roadtrip is a Toronto based video agency working with brands, agencies and influencers. We have a story first approach to developing compelling, original, and distinct content that resonates with your audience and grows your influence. We envision and execute branded content, video for social channels, narrative, or any other solution to your challenge. We handle all aspects of video production and implement strategies across many platforms.

Story Centric

People think, learn, and connect through stories. Until we develop a story of substance and value, we don’t press the record button. 

Digital Focused

We’re in a new media landscape. We focus on developing the best content for online and mobile platforms, first and foremost. 

Socially Attune

Every social platform has a unique video context. Our content aims to build your influence and strengthen your role as an online leader.

Purpose & Meaning 

Let’s not make video for video’s sake. We want your audience to receive genuine value, engagement and utility when viewing your content. 

Adaptive Team

We operate lean and will build a team size specific to each project. Let us tap into our talented network when the job calls for it.

Scale & Distribute

What’s great content without the attention? We develop distribution strategies to ensure your video find your audience.

Our Philosophy 

Roadtrip is founded by two brothers, who growing up, were obsessed with the liberating and moving experience found in cinema and story. We work tirelessly to bring those tried and true storytelling principals into the most current digital video and media landscapes.

In our content overwhelmed world, Roadtrip aims to create video content that is worthy of our audience’s attention. We want our work to stir valuable conversations, inspire people to take positive action, and educate in a way that promotes truth and goodness in our culture.

We care about the work and the relationships. That’s it. At the end of the day, time is all we have. So our priority is to deliver our partners and their audiences a video experience they feel is both worthy and valuable time spent.