Fogo Island Inn

Often referred to as one of the four corners of the Earth, Fogo Island embodies a rare essence that captivates travellers in both body and mind. Located off the North East coast off Newfoundland, Canada, the Fogo Island Inn was built to help make a contribution to cultural and economic sustainability for Fogo Island.

The Inn was the brainchild of former technology executive and native Fogo Islander, Zita Cobb, and was conceived as a way to save one of Canada’s oldest rural cultures. The crash of the cod industry had resulted in a major increase of unemployment, and the Island’s population had dwindled to half its size in just a few decades. It was believed however, that through preserving their history and honouring their ancestors, they could innovate a strategy that would contribute to the cultural and economic resilience of Fogo Island.

Since its inception, the Inn has brought together contemporary artists, designers, architects, geologists, academics, fishermen, artisans, growers and chefs from around the world. Zita’s passion for experimentation, collaboration and risk-taking has defined the “new” Newfoundland through architecture, design, craft, food and art.

The Fogo Island Inn is a founding member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. It was chosen to be among a collection of 24 unique hotels in extraordinary places around the world with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability, authenticity and excellence.
“Fogo Island Inn” introduces viewers to the landscape of Fogo Island, and explores the inspiration behind the Fogo Island Inn, as narrated by Zita Cobb.

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